Dolan Springs, Arizona is an unincorporated desert community at the base of Mount Tipton, a 6,900-foot prominence in the Cerbat Mountains in west-central Mohave County located just 50 miles from the California border . At an elevation of 3,350 feet, the town is approximately 30 miles northwest of Kingman. The Oasis 105.7 FM Jazz Radio station originates from here. Bullhead City, Ariz. Dolan Springs, called the Gateway to Lake Mead, is 70 miles southeast of Las Vegas, and 70 miles northeast of Laughlin, Nevada which is 10 miles from the California state line.

Mohave County has an estimated 1,000 miles of fresh water shoreline with Dolan Springs at the gateway to Lake Mead, a beautiful 550-mile shoreline lake offering bass, catfish, and trout fishing, boating, and other forms of water recreation near the property. Lake Mead was created by the construction of Hoover Dam. The Pierce Ferry Road, beyond the community itself, is paved to South Cove toward the upper or eastern end, of Lake Mead. The distance from Dolan Springs is about 43 miles. In addition to the area's water recreation, there are gold mines, rock hunting and the attraction of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tour buses to the West Rim of Grand Canyon National Park are available daily from Dolan Springs. The Haulapai Mountains' forested slopes, 40 miles southeast, offer picnicking and hunting. One of the world’s largest Joshua Tree Forests is located in the Lake Mohave Ranchos in the Dolan Springs area. The people of California are moving to Mohave County, beat the rush. The first official exploration of the Colorado River to Black Canyon, the site of today's Hoover Dam, was made in 1858 by Army Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives aboard the steamboat Explorer. Hoover Dam, about 43 miles northwest of Dolan Springs, is crossed by U.S. 93.


Thomas Reingruber has been in the Las Vegas and Arizona real estate for the past 25 years. His education began in Business & Finance at UWM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and later in University of Nevada Las Vegas. He was the Controller for Wilson Electronics until Las Vegas started to boom and then went into Real Estate full time. "I've lived in the Las Vegas and Dolan Springs area since 1968. The Best way to get started is to get started. We have seen these cycles at least 5 times since I have been here, I'm in my 27th year as a BROKER. After receiving excellent real estate training at one of the best local independent companies, I opened my own company in 1985. I am the Owner of CTR Investments, located in Las Vegas, NV. Dolan Springs is located between Las Vegas and Kingman. I began my real estate career at a large property management firm in Las Vegas, NV where he learned the fundamentals of leasing, fair housing and representation. In the mid 1990s."

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